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eSports Spotlight: Big Fat B*stards

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For my inaugural eSports Spotlight I’ve chosen an eSports organisation very close to my heart. These gentlemen have not only been a part of our local competitive scene for many, many years but have huge determination to help better and grow South African competitive gaming.

I caught up with Joshua ‘Fluff_E’ Forbes to find out just what BFB has been up to and what their plans are for the future.

Premiere League all the things

Big Fat B*stards currently has two competitive teams competing in the Telkom Do Gaming Call of Duty 4 Championships. But how good are they really?

Both these CoD4 teams are currently in the top division of the league, meaning they rank under the top eight of all the teams participating. Team RegiMent is currently in the number two spot of the division while laRd has had a pro comeback. laRd had dropped out of the previous leg to take a breather but returned, having to start again at the very bottom (fourth division) and worked their way back up to the top.

Both laRd and RegiMent will be focussing heavily on achieving success at the Do Gaming Championships held at the rAge expo this year, their goal being to take part in the Finals.

Sponsors and future plans

BFB initially started off with an Incredible Connection sponsorship, they have since then acquired sponsorships from Antec as well as ESQUIRE.

“These guys have been very good to us, we are also in the process of acquiring a big new sponsor, but this is strictly under wraps ;)”, says Forbes.

Immediate plans include winning the Do Gaming Championships and also winning the Do Gaming Championships.


Bastids to laRd, social gamers to competitors

RegiMent and laRd have come a long way since its players entered the comp scene; check out a little bit of history on these teams. From where they started, to where they rank now.


The Bastids team started at the end of 2007 as the only =BFB= CoD4 team and was originally formed to be social team. The team then sorted to play more competitively and began to shine at the local LANs.

The Bastids subsequently competed in rAge 2008, losing out to the eventual winners Borg in the quarter finals, and the last AGASA premier league for 2008. Converting to the new laRd team consisting of: Quikshot, Jax, Bambi`s Revenge, d3tox and xiR, this line-up managed to come second at rAge 2009 losing to Brazen 13-11 on crash.

The laRd line up changed right after rAge, with xiR leaving the team as a result of some real life commitments. Consequently Rynier ‘Cranky’ Schoeman joined the BFB ranks. laRd then stepped down from CoD4 to focus on Battlefield Bad Company 2 and waited till November 2010 before they resurfaced with one more new player.

Dane ‘Jax’ Hamilton made space for Greg ‘Rora’ van der Spuy after he had to tend to some scholar commitments. Rora, a junior player, had to learn a lot from the experienced laRd line up in only two weeks, before they entered into the ESZ competition. Rora’s commitment and ability to adapt certainly paid off when BFB once again made it to a final but got knocked down after a 4th overtime final versus Ventus gaming on City Streets.

On 5 October 2010 laRd went on to compete in Cape Town. It was their first time attending a competition in Cape Town but they managed to walk away victorious from this major LAN. A week later they played in the DGL champs finals at Gallagher Estate, Midrand where they lost to Ventus in the Finals.

In 2011 laRd’s leadership role was taken up by their new Captain, Rynier ‘Cranky’ Schoeman. It was under his leadership that laRd would once again show form and be as potent as ever. laRd had a very successful 2011 campaign finishing first in all three legs of the Do Gaming Premier League and claiming the title of CoD4 Champions at the Telkom Do Gaming Championships at rAge 2011.

laRd hope to continue their success in the CoD4 arena this 2012.

RgM players from left to right: Joshua Forbes, Quane Muskett, Niall Ingram


RegiMent Gaming (RgM) was founded on 30 March 2010 by Jp ‘Scope-r’ Barnard and Ryan ‘SpIkkkE’ Kok. The whole idea behind RgM at that stage was to be a very social and competitive clan. As time went on RgM started aiming towards being a major competitor.

RgM worked their way up from fourth Division in mid 2010 and finished first in the third Division at the end of the season. In the beginning of the year 2011 RgM was determined to make it to first division. The owner called upon some help from the higher division teams. At that time RgM didn’t know many of them and some weren’t quite willing to help out either; except for one team: =BFB= laRd.

=BFB= laRd was more than willing and happy to help out RgM in any way possible. With the additional help from BFB and new additions (Josh ‘Fluff_E’ Forbes former =BFB=MuPtarDs player) to the team RgM was able to take the top spot in the first division, having lost only losing one game. With this triumph RgM had finally made it to premier division; a big dream had finally come true.

Currently in the premier division in the DGL, RgM had to prove that they deserve to be there. Throughout the year in Premiere League, RgM had mostly lingered at the bottom of the division. About half way through the leg BFB approached RgM and proposed that the team merged with them. After accepting this proposal, RgM started to see some real progress and moved up the ranks. Before rAge 2011 former captain of iMg (Impulse Gaming), Stephen ‘A|t3ri5’ Sun Lung joined the team and RgM placed eight at the Do gaming Championships at rAge 2011.

Following the performances in 2011, RgM were able to place third in the Do Gaming Premier League 2012 –Leg 1, place third in the Do Gaming Playoffs for the Champions Cup 2012 and place as well as third for the Winter Survival Series Invitational 2012. The team has recently been graced by another Ingram, in the form of Braden “BraD” Ingram (brother of Niall Ingram) who had filled in the spot of Sun Lung. 


BFB will always be the one clan that I’ll remember since joining the comp scene, the clan that brings fun and friendship to the community and is always willing to lend a helping hand.BFB has started to really step it up, having earned Senior Provincial colours earlier this year and occasionally partnering with companies like Ster-Kinekor to host prize give aways.

Some good advice from Forbes to newcomers: “Watch and actively learn from better players, do not complain about stupid things and try have fun at every opportunity. And one rule when it comes to being in a team is : REAL LIFE > COD.”

Official clan page | Official website | Facebook | Twitter

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Last Updated: September 4, 2012

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