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eSports Wrap-up: Stuff went down

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This week in eSports we looked at Microsoft SA’s Halo 4 tournament semi’s, new features coming to StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm, the MLG kicking off, some crazy MainGaming LAN awesomeness, a pro LoL player getting the banhammer for life, an interview with Energy eSport’s own Bhond and what’s been happening with the SECS on Sundays. Also comment on this article for free cookies!

Halo 4 semi-final results

The last Xbox LIVE round of the Halo 4 tournament hosted by Microsoft SA took place this weekend. Four clans and nine lone wolves have made it through to the finals in 2013.

After the last action packed round, the cream of the crop has been revealed and will receive formal invitations to the Halo 4 finals early next year. The venue and just about everything else has been kept super secret. The suspense is killing me! Will we see a stage show match with big screens and booth babes? Will it be held with a space backdrop??

Groups coming in SC2: Heart of the Swarm

Groups, a feature similar to Clans will be introduced in StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm. It will be a more casual feature than Clans; Blizzard gives us a first look.

The Groups feature will be available for testing in Beta Patch 2.0.2 and will give players the freedom to associate casually and in large numbers. Like Clans, Groups will have designated chat channels, a News tab and an info tab, as well the usual description and Members roster. With Clans, players will only be allowed to join one Clan at a time and will have limited space for members. Groups however will allow players to join as many as 20, with almost an unlimited number of players that can join.

MLG Tournament of Champions kicked off

The MLG Tournament of Champions kicked off yesterday, seeing DongRaeGu and Flash face off. The best of the best StarCraft 2 players on the planet will be competing in this invitational tournament till 20 December.

MainGaming December LAN madness

MainGaming is hosting two most awesome LANs this month, and I say most awesome because the games played and prizes are, well, amazeballs.

Dignitas LoL player gets a lifetime ban

Team Dignitas League of Legends player Christian ‘IWillDominate’ Rivera will dominate no more, at least not professionally. Riot has issued a lifetime ban against the player for unsportsmanlike behaviour.

Why such harsh punishment you ask? Simple, this wasn’t the first time that Rivera has been in Tribunal, he’s been there nine times and punished eight times. According to this forum post  he has a “persistent record of in-game harassment, verbal abuse, offensive language and negative attitude.” Even though he had received numerous punishments and warnings, the player’s harassment score has risen more than 30% from early August to the present time, which places him at the top of the list of North American pro players and among the worst 0.7% of all North American players.

Energy eSports on the hows, whats and whys of MGO’s

Energy eSports recently announced their launch as a Multi Gaming Organisation; we caught up with Kas ‘CAWA’ Ahmad to take a closer look at why they started, what they plan to achieve and just how awesome the right sponsors can be.

Whether MGO’s are the future of eSports in our country or just a driving force, good management and a new level of skill and professionalism is critical. Aiming to be ambassadors for their sponsors, Energy eSports will be starting off as everything but a Mickey Mouse club. Here’s what Ahmad, one of the founders and managers had to say about it.

What’s been happening in the Dota 2 SECS

Season 1 of the Polarfluke SECS has kicked off, ASF have secured a spot in the playoffs, who will join them 

There have been a very impressive amount of 18 teams entering the Sunday Evening Cup Series hosted by Polarfluke. Some well known clans like Bravado Gaming and SSG being some of them, we also see the newly made MGO Energy eSports competing. How are these teams doing? Let’s take a look at the results.

Ginormous League of Legends patch launched

Riot launched a huge patch making many changes to League of Legends this week, including new items, tweaked gold distribution, reworked masteries and renamed runes.

Riot also released a video discussing and explaining some of the changes. Riot implemented the changes in order to provide players with more strategic options and an even greater roster of champions across all roles.

Last Updated: December 7, 2012

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