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ESRB Rating for Brutal Legend is it’s best marketing tool

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It’s not often that a stuffy government department gives you the best marketing blurb for your game but after the ESRB released it’s findings into Brutal Legend I would be surprised not to see the blurb on the back of the box.

For anyone who is confused the ESRB is the ratings board and is responsible for slapping that M for Mature sticker on the box, generally they backup the rating with a few words but never this many.

“This is an action adventure/role-playing game that tells the story of Eddie Riggs, a roadie who is transported to a mythical world of heavy metal rock.

Eddie is armed with a guitar and a double-headed axe, which players can use to slash and dismember enemies. Players can also perform "face-melting solos" (literally melting enemies’ faces), meet humanoid creatures dressed like dominatrixes and brandishing whips, and liberate an army of rockers from a life of oppression.

Although the storyline is often irreverent and whimsical, the depictions of violence are somewhat intense: Undead humanoids are dismembered with an axe (sometimes in slow-motion); a "Steel-Quilled Blade" causes human enemies to explode into gibs that rain down; machine guns, missile launchers, and sub woofers can be used to kill druids and other fantastical creatures.

Eddie can also run over dozens of enemies with his hot rod, resulting in blood effects and more heads and limbs getting chopped off.

During the course of the game, characters sometimes engage in suggestive dialogue intended for comedic effect (e.g., "Maybe with all your feedback, you guys could just blow me over the gorge" and "Playtime’s over. Now let’s get back to the orgy").

Players will also encounter "Skull Rakers" clad in bondage gear and amazon-like warriors dressed in leather outfits that partially reveal buttocks and breasts. Strong profanity (e.g., "f*ck," "sh*t," and "d*ck") can be heard in the dialogue”

So we get breasts, buttocks, missile launchers and dominatrixes… could this be the best game ever invented?

Source: Destructoid

Last Updated: September 1, 2009


  1. darthdad

    September 1, 2009 at 08:56

    Sounds like they liked it! :silly:


  2. easy

    September 1, 2009 at 09:03


    awesome!! :devil:


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