EVE Online’s massive battle will be memorialised

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Eve battle (3)

By now, the space-dust has settled and the various factions have pulled out of the galactic sector of B-R5RB in much the same way that a cheap date avoids condoms. EVE Online just saw the biggest ever battle play out in the history of gaming. And it’s getting a memorial.

After 21 hours, the only thing that could halt the battle that was raging on between the Russian Coalition and the Clusterfuck Coalition against the N3 Coalition and Pandemic Legion, was some daily server maintenance. Stephen had pegged the total damage done so far in that game yesterday to be around $250 000.

As of today, that figure now sits at over $300 000 of real world money, with 75 Titans having been destroyed. Titans, the most powerful ships in all of EVE Online take “thousands of man hours to produce, take months to train to fly, and are capable of fitting massive doomsday weapons that obliterate lesser ships with a single volley,” according to the CCP report.

To understand why this battle was so massive, you just have to look at the previous large-scale war that was waged in EVE Online, that saw 12 Titans destroyed. 75 is a ludicrously high number, with the Russian Coalition and Clusterfuck Coalition losing 16 such vessels during the battle, while the N3 Coalition and Pandemic Legion lost 59 Titans. Somewhere out there, nerds are slitting their wrists over this loss. Click to embiggen the picture below for a further understanding of the battle scale:

CCP never even thought that such losses were possible, hence the reason they’re creating Titanomachy, a  memorial sector that will be inhabited by the husks of these fallen death stations, that saw The Russian and Clusterfuck Coalitions emerge victorious.

So what’s the final tally for the Battle of B-R5RB? Pretty much this:

  • 7458 fighters involved over 55 alliances
  • 717 unique player corporations
  • 13 Supercarriers destroyed
  • 370 Dreadnoughts lost
  • 123 Carriers annihilated
  • 775 Doomsday lasers fired from Titans, accounting for 24% of all Doomsday attacks in the last two years
  • 11 Trillion ISK in damages and losses, which works out to $300 000 – $330 000

There’s only one way to describe this battle, looking at those numbers:


Last Updated: January 30, 2014

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