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EverQuest Next seeks to change MMORPGs

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EverQuest set the industry norms for MMORPGs back when it was released in 1999.  Now, with the announcement of EverQuest Next, it looks like Sony Online Entertainment is looking to redefine the the genre.

Most MMORPGs follow the same formula.  Create character, go on missions/quests, explore the world to find new missions/quests, and eventually reach the level cap.  At that point, you can engage in endgame content such as raids, PvP battles and whatever else the game offers until the next expansion pack offers a higher level cap and more missions/quests.  Yup, very easy to fall into a boring cycle as players move through content with ridiculous speed.  EverQuest Next (EQN) seeks to change this paradigm.

Dave Georgeson, the Director of Development for the EverQuest Franchise, explains that this game will not be a continuation:

“EverQuest Next is not the continuation of a familiar story. It represents the fundamental reimagining of the characters, lore and environments of the EverQuest universe. Make no mistake; while great care has been taken to respect the extraordinary influence that EverQuest has had in this industry and with our player community over the years, this is a boldly different game unlike anything that has come before.”

This means some key changes to gameplay.  These include destructible environments, permanent change and emergent AI.  Players will be able to interact with their world in a completely new way – build or destroy cities, work with other players to build massive projects, or fight off invasions by gold-seeking Orcs.  Change servers and you may find an archeological dig where you are expecting to find a town.  The goal is for players for have unique characters whose experiences vary widely – players will be able to share stories about their experiences that are interesting instead of everyone completing the same quests.  Oh, and developers will occasionally through in an earthquake to shake things up and expose new areas.

EQN is free to play and you can apply for the Beta here.  Otherwise, just check out these cool videos until it’s released.

Last Updated: August 5, 2013

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