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Everybody gets a transformation in this new trailer for Dragon Ball XenoVerse 2

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Some days I wish life was a little bit like an episode of Dragon Ball Z. A series where any problem in life can be solved by screaming at it head on. Unfortunately, doing just that will get you escorted out of the office by some perplexed security guards. Trust me on this. But in Dragon Ball? That very attitude allows you to tap into unbelievable reserves of power, with the best fighters in the series getting to take things EVEN FURTHER BEYOND by adding a transformation to the mix.

Such transformations weren’t exactly rare in Dragon Ball XenoVerse the first. Custom characters with Saiyan blood could bulk up with regular and ascended Super Saiyan forms, while  Goku himself could turn the muscle veins up to 11 with Super Saiyan 3, 4 and God transformations. Lucky bugger. Dragon Ball XenoVerse 2 is adding more to the mix however.

Players will now be able to hit the Super Saiyan 3 threshold, but anyone who goes for a custom Namekian build gets the ability to have a convenient growth spurt. HISTORY LESSON TIME! I’M SO SORRY GEOFF! Namekians who could achieve the power of gigantification were known as Great Namekians (He’s not that great, but he awight).

According to Daizenshuu 7, the technique would allow the user to grow in height by concentrating the nerves throughout their entire body, which would invigorate their cells for a burst transformation. The only downside? IT HURTS LIKE HELL MAN! The painwas worth it though. A Great Namek had a massive increase in physical strength, durability and the ability to get that those biscuits off of the top shelf at Makro.

King Piccolo used the power-up to attempt to kill a young Goku in Dragon Ball, while his offspring Piccollo used it once in the manga and twice in the anime. Also, that Lord Slug guy was capable of getting real big real quick. It’s a neat power, whose only drawback is most likely that you’ll have even less room than usual in last class on any flight.

XenoVerse 2 is out later this year, although nothing has been said yet about what kind of transformation power Steve Aoki has.

Last Updated: July 27, 2016

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