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Everything that you need to know about the Destiny 2 Iron Banner event

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The Iron Banner has returned. Guardians, are you ready?

I’ve become enamoured with Destiny 2’s Crucible since launch, a multiplayer offering that now focuses on a simpler 4V4 setup for matches abd a handful of modes. The selection of match types may be admittedly sparse, but the events being built around the Crucible are certainly shaping up nicely. In addition to vanilla Control, Clash and Supremacy matches (amongst others), Destiny 2’s Crucible is also augmented by the Trials of the Nine.

An event that is usually reserved for the cream of the crop, players how manage to rack up wins in what is quickly becoming a MIDA Multi-Tool exhibition. The Iron Banner then, feels like a fair compromise. Competition at a high level, that’s accessible to everyone. The first Destiny 2 Iron Banner has kicked off this week. Here’s a quick breakdown of it:

What is the history of the Iron Banner?

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After one of the last surviving Iron lords had a falling out with Lord Shaxx of the Crucible, Saladin sought to create an arena for Guardians to hone their skills that pushed them to their limits with an uneven playing field. As a memorial to the Iron lords who fell in an attempt to stop the first SIVA Crisis, the Iron Banner offered unique rewards and weapons to Guardians who were brave enough to venture in Saladin’s event.

First overseen by the Iron Lord himself, Saladin would temporarily pass the responsibility on to Lady Efrideet, youngest of the fabled group of early Guardians in the Rise of Iron expansion. In Destiny 2, Saladin has returned to run a new Iron Banner that will test Guardians once again.

When does it start?

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Yesterday. No, really. The first Destiny 2 Iron Banner began with the weekly reset of the game, and will run until the next reset on October 17 at 11AM CET/CAT. You’ve got one week to jump in and earn a reputation. Thank goodness then that the entire setup for getting your hands on gear has changed.

How so?

In Destiny 1, players had to gain reputation by winning matches, wearing Iron Banner emblems as well as armour related to the event. It was an excruciatingly slow grind, even when buffs were added to increase the reputation earned. In Destiny 2, Saladin’s inventory merely requires Iron Banner tokens. You’ll need 20 of them to get your hands on one of his engrams, which will reward anything from Iron Banner weapons to armour.

Earning those tokens is (sort of) easy enough. A win in the Iron Banner will net you five, a loss two and accomplishing bonus objectives will also earn you a coin apiece.

What game modes do I need to prepare for?

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The first Iron Banner focuses on Control, with level advantages disabled. Bring your A-game and your skill to survive this gauntlet. Take a zone, hold it and pray that your team doesn’t go all Benny Hill in a game mode that usually resembles a race to take and reclaim control points.

What does this loot look like?

Like this! (I’m playing Warlock, but the Titan and Hunter gear also looks rather spiffy.)

Anything else that’s new?

There is a new map to kill your friends on, called the Distant Shore. Set on Nessus, it features familiar scenic themes to Destiny 1’s Shores of Time and will be added to the Destiny 2 Crucible playlist after the event has ended.

Last Updated: October 11, 2017

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