Evil Within is only 30fps on PC and no one should care

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Shock horror! The truth has been revealed and the upcoming Evil Within will only be able to hit 30 frames per second on the PC version which has ignited Internet gangs everywhere to spew hate at Bethesda.

But does it really matter?

The Evil Within is a tense survival horror game which places more emphasis on puzzles, tactics and thinking than it does on twitchy shooting and 30fps really is perfectly acceptable in virtually all game types of its ilk.  Maybe it’s because I’m coming from more of a console background and we are more used to 30 fps in games but the current uproar building on Neogaf and around social media says otherwise.

Personally I’m not into horror games because I’m a small minded child when it comes to scary things –  but this latest trailer from Bethesda really appeals to me. The puzzles and construction part of the game is definitely my thing.

Now this hasn’t yet been officially confirmed by Bethesda but the user who posted it is known for mainly getting these things right and he had the following to say, in his usual broken English:

PC TEW caped 30 fps, not dev internaly by TNGO.
xtnrnl wosrkshop.

It’s a strange world we live in when the master race’s version of the game is being outsourced to external developers while the console versions are being done in house. Publishers have been preferring console over PC for quite a while now and it seems the developers are now being forced the same way.

So PC gamers, are you going to avoid this on principle even though it looks awesome?

Last Updated: October 8, 2014

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