Evolve gets a release date – and four new hunters

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Turtle Rock’s multiplayer-focused shooter Evolve pits four humans working co-operatively, against one great big beasty. We recently got to go hands on with the game, and loved every second of that experience. And now we know when it’ll be out. 2K Games has revealed that the game will be released on October 21 this year. They’ve also detailed four brand new hunters.

They are  Hyde, Maggie, Lazarus and a robot named Bucket, and though they adhere to the same classes, they come with different kit and play differently.



Hyde is the new assault class, wielding a minigun that does heavy damage, along with a short-range flamethrower. He’s also go toxic grenades, that create a poisonous cloud of gas to deter the monster.



The new Trapper, Maggie has a machine pistol and harpoon traps that are great for reeling the monster ion and keeping it immobile. She’s got a pet called trapjaw, a dog that’ll help the hunters sniff out the alien. the dog is also able to revive teammates, which changes the game’s dynamic quite a bit.



The new Medic is named Lazarus and is what Turtle Rock calls “the opposite of Val.” He can bring his teammates back from the dead with the Lazarus device, which means that like VAL, he is essential to the team’s longevity. He’s got a silenced sniper rifle  so he can attack from afar, and a personal cloaking device to keen him unseen.



Lastly is Bucket, the robotic hunter. He can remove his own head and use it as a UAV for surveillance purposes, which unfortunately leaves his body stationary. when he is an active combat participant, he packs a punch with a laser-guided missile launcher and sentry guns. Neat.

Not having a head puts Bucket at a disadvantage, naturally. The bot’s body remains stationary, leaving him vulnerable to attack from the monster player or lesser, but still dangerous creatures roaming the map. In combat, Bucket is pretty effective, thanks to a laser-guided missile launcher and flying sentry guns that pop out of his robot gut.

These four can be mixed and matched with the previously revealed hunters, and turtle Rock says there are even more in store, meaning the game will likely be quite a bit deeper than anyone imagined.

It’s coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One in October. That’s going to be quite a busy month, with Arkham Knight, Alien Isolation, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, Dragon Age: Inquisition, DriveClub and quite probably more.

Last Updated: May 22, 2014

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