Evolve sheds more light on all four hunter classes

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So far, Evolve sounds like the kind of game that favours the one player who is skulking around a level as the alien beast, waiting to suck on your bone marrow. But there are four other roles in the game, for players going the human route. And they sound pretty potent as individuals and even more so as a team.

As part of their coverage, Game Informer got the scoop on all four classes. Here’s the deets yo:


Evolve (1)

The first class is most likely the one that all players want, as Markov is all guns and dealing as much damage as possible. Markov packs two massive guns, an assault rifle and a lightning gun. The latter weapon can do big short range damage on an electrifying scale, while the assault rifle is all about feeding bullets into flesh.

Assault class members also get to benefit from a larger pool of health as well as a personal shield that give a quick dosage of god-mode, meaning that players will have to time their activations precisely or suffer a grisly death at the hands of the various monsters.

Markov also has electrical mines in his arsenal that can’t be triggered by teammates and help flush out monsters.


Evolve (4)

While Val has all the classic abilities that you’d expect from a Medic, she also packs plenty of firepower. Val’s anti-materiel rifle can target and expose weak points on monsters that allows for players to deal extra damage. The rifle pinpoints these weak points, and allows fellow hunters to see them as well.

Val also has a tranquilizer rifle, which can slow down a monster and prevent it from getting out of visual range when the hunters come knocking for its head. Tranquiliser darts can also show where the monster is on the map, and burdens it with a bright green aura that allows players to get a visual lock on it.

As for healing, Val is more loaded up than a medical aid with full funds for the month.

She has the medgun, a weapon which shoots a healing beam that can patch up wounds from a distance, as well as revive players. Val can also unleash a healing burst which gives al teammates near her a quick health boost and top-up.


Evolve (2)

We are hunting a most elusive quarrrrrry, I’m going to say over and over again my thickest possible eccent if I play as Griffin the trapper. It’s all about the thrill of the hunt for Griffin, who takes a massive harpoon gun into battle.

That gun fires a hook into monsters that is tethered by an energy leash, which allows Griffin to keep it in range and prevent it from escaping while other players lay down some heavy fire on the creature. The only way to escape that damn harpoon is to go in for the kill on Griffin, but that could leave players wide open to multiple hunter attacks.

Griffin also has sound spikes, which when planted in the gorund, will give all hunters a precise location on their maps as to where the monster is, should it walk into range. Griffin only has a few spikes, so players will need to decide how best to arrange them.

Griffin adds a slightly less conventional piece of hunting gear to his loadout, in the form of a handy dandy submachine gun. It’s reliable, good at short to medium distances and can dish out moderate amounts of damage.

Griffin’s final ability is the Mobile Arena, which traps everything with a pulse inside a dome-shaped force field. It’s kill or be killed inside this dome and it creates the ultimate trap for the monster. But will the monster be trapped in there with you, or the other way around?


Evolve (3)

Sometimes, you need a shoulder to lean on when things get tough. Other times, a burly man with an epic beard and a rifle that shoots laser beams is a much better alternative.

Hank is all about keeping everyone in fighting shape, maximising their abilities and keeping destruction rates at Hiroshima levels. Hank comes equipped with a shield gun that allows him to shoot teammates with an invulnerable energy wall that gives them temporary relief. It’s only active for a few seconds though, so timing is critical. But combine with the right class at the right time, and that monster won’t stand a chance.

Packing some heat of his own, Hank wields a laser cutter rifle that lights up his location while laying down a massive amount of damage, and is the second most powerful weapon in the game, next to Markov’s assault rifle.

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! Orbital Barrage is a skill that allows Hank to call down an airstrike that lets Hank clear the area and help revive squad members. It’ takes time for the missiles to arrive and the red bullseye painted on the location is a dead giveaway, but it can help send monsters scurrying when the action gets too intense. But imagine that technique applied to the harpoon of the trapper, and you see the possibilities for making it plenty useful.

Hank can also cloak for short periods of time, that gives him an edge in the fight or flight department, and Hank can extend this cloak onto his squad mates as well when they’re incapacitated.

And that’s it for the hunters! I’m digging the idea behind Evolve so far. Players can get all tactical with the human element, while experience an overkill mode as the alien monster, with neither side feeling overpowered.

Last Updated: January 21, 2014

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