Evolve’s latest medic is the smartest choice

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Evolve caira

2K is slowly dishing out news about Evolve. Maybe they will even share the new monster with us for the holiday. However, their latest reveal is really rather rad – I wouldn’t mind growing up to be her. Okay, not quite, but she’s still the best medic I’ve seen for the game.

Caira is a scientist and her reveal also shares some extra bits of information about the game itself.

The smartest person on the team and the only hunter from Earth, Caira Diaz is also the only person on Shear with any hope of figuring out what the Monsters are, where they come from, and what they want. Given enough time, everyone believes she’ll find the answers. But there are only five days until the last evac ship leaves, and she’ll spend most of that time hunting Monsters.

Like all the other medics, she has the usual area-of-effect burst heal. However, it’s her unique abilities that make me really want to play with her.

  • Healing Grenades: Caira’s grenade launcher fires generyst grenades, healing everyone in their splash radius. Including herself! If Caira is near her target, she enjoys the replenished health making her the only medic who can directly heal herself
  • Napal Grenades: Thunk…BOOM! Fire! If Caira hits the Monster with her napalm grenades, the Monster takes damage on impact, but even if she only lands a grenade near the beast, she’ll still light it on fire, doing damage over time
  • Adrenal Boost: Faster, faster, faster! The Adrenal Boost gives nearby hunters a huge speed boost, which means a very surprised Monster at the start of the game. It also means, when she needs to get away, Caria is almost impossible to catch.

That Adrenal Boost sounds rather interesting – it makes me think that our next monster might also be super speedy. It will certainly make it easier to catch up to the monster in the early stages, and I like that she can run away more easily seeing as medics are always the targets of monster players.

Here is her reveal video, showing off some gameplay, too.

I initially avoided playing as the medic in Evolve, but it’s actually a lot of fun. It’s not just about healing thanks to some special extra guns that they usually have, and it’s certainly a necessary role in the team. With these bits of information about the lore and story of Shear, I really can’t wait to get into the game when it launches next year. It seems to have a cool reason behind why we’re hunting for these insane monsters.

Last Updated: November 20, 2014

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