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Evony’s bringing sexy back.. sort of

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Our first story on Lazygamer that ever went viral was a short article about the advertising for Evony and how it really had nothing to do with the game and was all about slowly undressing a woman, yes I’ll wait while you go check it out here.

That article got us over 300 000 impressions and still brings in a trickle of traffic to this day. The reason I’m telling you this is because that story has put us on some list and I’ve recently received an email from a PR company in New York letting me know that Evony is bringing the sexy back with their new advertising campaign.

Yes, after that article went big Evony decided to retract that advertising and focus on the heroes and gameplay elements instead. Unfortunately that sort of advertising doesn’t work and now Evony is back with more boobs and a real life model.

Here’s what I’ve been sent




This model was chosen by the community to represent the important character of Eva in the game of Evony.

Apparently the new adverts will feature what is important and relevant to the game and will feature Eva and real gameplay features.

Personally I hope not, I loved their completely unrelated advertising banners from before.

Last Updated: November 14, 2011

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