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Ex-Microsoft boss is worried that the Natal will fail

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Project Natal

Scot Bayless knows what he is talking about when discussing peripherals and their possible failures, Scot was a senior producer at Sega America when they released their 32x drive peripheral for the Sega and was around to watch in horror as that move (along with a few others) nearly sank the entire company.

So when he met with Microsoft in 2008 and was told that Microsoft were still contemplating not integrating the Natal with the Xbox 360 he had just 5 words for them

“Then you’re going to fail”

And I agree with him, unless Microsoft bundle the Project Natal with every new Xbox 360 sold after it’s launch I don’t see it truly making enough of an impact in the market.

I think failure may be a bit harsh as it will sell millions and be viewed favourably but when it comes to decent software being produced for it we could see it being left behind.

Microsoft would do well to heed Scot’s advice on this one, peripherals never reach critical mass unless they are bundled.

Source: NowGamer

Last Updated: May 28, 2010

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