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Exciting new next Xbox rumours unveiled

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Last week we reported on some new Xbox rumours posted up by VGLeaks, most of these were positive with the big surprise being that Microsoft were planning on releasing an Xbox lite that would snap onto the Durango (new Xbox) to enable backwards compatibility.

Well according to some new rumours, posted by an anonymous member of neogaf, that is only half true.

In fact what Microsoft has been keeping secret from virtually everyone is the fact that the Xbox 360 SOC (the BC part if you will) will actually be built into every single new Durango unit. So all Durango’s will be 100% backward compatible from day one.

The confusion came in as this Xbox Mini device is a real thing and will be sold separately and is designed to go head to head with the Apple TV device. It will not have a disc drive but it will be able to download full titles and arcade titles which will then be fully playable.

But that’s not all the leak has posted a ton of information up via pastebin with the key points being

  • More power: That Xbox 360 SOC that is being welded onto the device means more than just backwards compatibility. It means there is another full, and entirely separate, CPU for the developers to utilise which drastically increases the options open to them.
  • Kinect 2.0: Again the specs from VGLeaks are correct, there’s been no change and there won’t be. However, the fact is, is that software can do ANYTHING, and with the quite substantial increase in the hardware over Kinect 1.0, any humanly noticeable lag should be gone
  • Controller: The controller is pretty much the same. The D-Pad has been improved, but the change will only be noticeable when actually using it
  • Indie Friendly: Since Durango’s operating system is Windows 8 then any indie games made for the Windows App Store will work perfectly on the Durango, once controller support is added, meaning that Indie’s will not require dev consoles to create titles for the console

And that’s the current state of play, I think the idea of including full BC is a good idea with the amount of solid titles still left in this generation and as long as the pricing hits the mark we could be in for a good announcement conference in early May.

Thanks to Scot Cowley for the tip

Last Updated: April 17, 2013

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