Sexy Final Fantasy XIII-2 Battle in Valhalla trailer

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As you’ve probably seen, we’ve been getting trickled screenshots of all sorts of slick images of Final Fantasy XIII-2, the next game in the Fabula Nova Crystalis series from Square Enix. Many of you prefer something more immediate, more visceral – and to that end Square has indeed delivered. This trailer shows a battle in Valhalla between Final Fantasy XIII’s Lightning and bad-guy from the future Caius. He’s dressed in purple, seems pretty bad ass wielding Ragnarok – and totally does a summon.

It does highlight that if there’s one single area where Square Enix is truly master of its craft, its in the real of CG video – because this is just beautiful.

“Powerful forces collide in a mysterious land, in this epic cinematic CG trailer for the forthcoming complete sequel to FINAL FANTASY XIII. Due for release on 3rd February 2012, FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 will take players beyond time, beyond fate and beyond imagination!”


Last Updated: November 23, 2011

Geoffrey Tim

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