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Expect some hot Baldur’s Gate 3 news on 6 June

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It’s time for your monthly Baldur’s Gate 3 check-in, gang. Considering I might be the only person on the team that’s hyped out of my mind for my classic Dungeons & Dragons video gaming, I’m taking you all under my wing to spread the good news of Pleasant Paladins and Monstrous Mindflayers. With the long-awaited third entry in the series on the cusp of release, Larian Studios is out here teasing when we can expect to see just a little more on their latest project. In what is usually a major month for video games teasers and trailers, with the cancellation of E3 developers are looking for other avenues to show off their games which is exactly what Larian is doing.

Tweeted out on 29 May, the official Larian Studios Twitter account confirmed that they will be showing off more of Baldur’s Gate 3 during the Guerilla Collective, a new online games festival announced to obviously fill the void that E3 left in the industry heart. Look, it’s not a huge void but it’s a void nonetheless. Moreover, it was also confirmed that the reveal schedules for 6 June is only the first of many and Larian confirmed that they would be providing more news on the game throughout the month of June. The more the better!


If you’re feeling the need to rekindle some of your excitement or if you’ve somehow never heard of Baldur’s Gate and the looming threequel, check out this hour-long video showing off some impressive gameplay features and character building. They’ve got some big shoes to fill, but if anyone can pull off a role-playing fantasy epic, it’s Larian Studios.

Last Updated: June 1, 2020

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