Explore, race, and own the city in this latest Need for Speed trailer from EA’s E3 conference

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The new Need for Speed was announced a few weeks ago, but details on the game have been scarce. EA have cleared some things, sharing more information on their latest racer at their E3 conference. The new vroom-vroom title will feature an open world, twice the size of Rivals. Are you ready to explore, race, and own the city?

The newest trailer kicks off with something right up every car enthusiasts alley – customisation. What starts out as a plain white Subaru is soon transformed into a gorgeous red beast, ready to burn some rubber.

Following this customisation showcase is a quick street race The driving itself looks tight, reminding me of one of my favourite Need for Speed titles – Underground. On top of that, visually, the game looks amazing, and the song playing is fitting to a game of this nature.

Shortly into the race, sirens appear, along with those pesky flashing red and blue lights. Cops? Absolutely! What’s a racing game without some fuzz to raise the stakes?

The new Need for Speed will be racing into gamer’s homes on November the 3rd. If it’s anything like Underground, I’ll be playing it for sure!

Last Updated: June 15, 2015

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