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Fable Legends will be free to play

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Fable Legends

When I told people that I was actually keen to play Fable Legends, they laughed at me. Then they made fun of my gigantic money-hat, occasionally stealing a loose R20 note when my back was turned the other way to avoid their scorn. Well who’s laughing now, huh? Because Fable Legends is going to be a completely free to play game! HA HA!

Lionhead will be dipping their feet into the free to play waters later this year with Fable Legends, which will adopt a style similar to other F2P games on the market, such as Dota 2 and League Of Legends. Previously, the game had already established a quartet of heroes who would take on a fifth player, a dungeon master who would lay traps for would-be adventurers.

Now, the game will instead rotate through heroes every two weeks. Once the free hero is off the roster, the character will take all of the experience points saved and the items earned with him, until he reappears. Of course, to avoid waiting for said hero to return to active duty, you can always purchase him for keeps.

As for the players with a bastard streak who want to be the villain (such as myself), they’ll be able to obtain a free creature that is a native of the particular storyline that they’re taking part in. Creatures who aren’t inhabitants of those storylines, will need to purchased with either actual cash or the in-game currency. Additional creatures, heroes, creatures, quests and villains will be added to Fable Legends in various seasons, with every player having access to season one.

Chests will also be available, containing the usual armour, weapons and various items. They can either be found or, yes you guessed it, bought with real money. “There are free-to-play games like World of Tanks out there that are very much a pay-to-win kind of experience,” Fable Legends director David Eckelberry told Eurogamer, explaining how there would be no pay walls or time limits in the game.

For me the better ones for the customers are the ones where you get to enjoy all of the content without paying money. And then you pay if you want to. I want them to have such a fun experience that some percentage of them go, okay I’m going to buy a hero that just came out, or I’ll get a new hairstyle and a cool-looking hood.

That’s the kind of feeling we want to generate in our players where, we’ve offered them such a good time that they’re spending time in it that they feel valuable.

Eckelberry explained that players could indeed earn their way to glory, citing an example where it would take around 14 days to earn enough silver to buy a hero with in-game currency. “Microsoft isn’t about extracting the last nickel of players, or something silly like that,” Eckelberry said.

We want to create a great community of players that is playing for a long period of time. That doesn’t work if you buy something and regret it a day later. That just doesn’t make any sense. Even though most of our players will never pay anything, that’s still immensely valuable to us to have players playing on Windows 10 and Xbox One.

It’s a risky move, but it makes sense for a game such as Fable Legends, which is primarily a 4v1 title. I always see F2P games as glorified demos, and after the tepid release of the last two Fable games, I’m willing to try something new.  And as a game that will be available on PC as well as Xbox One, there might be a market for the game that could keep it alive beyond launch week. Now pass me my money-hat, and stop picking at my R100 embellishments on it.

Last Updated: February 27, 2015

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