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Failed Q&A with The Last of Us

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One of the exciting events we had scheduled for us at Gamescom 2012 was a Q&A session with the voices behind the two main characters in The Last of Us, Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker. So we packed our trusty iPads and armed with a few questions we headed to the Radisson ready to ask awkward questions to make Ashley blush.

However what followed was an insult to journalism everywhere.

We sat in a room with around 40 other journalists with the beautiful Ashley and the just as striking Troy Baker seated at a table in front with a Sony rep on the microphone, so far so good and then the weirdest thing happened.

The Sony rep started asking the questions; granted they sounded like journalists questions but they were all prepped beforehand and Troy and Ashley took turns answering them and interspersing there answers with videos that just happened to answer all the questions perfectly.

It was disgusting and a pathetic attempt at controlling what the media had to say about the upcoming game and the personalities behind it.

Why they felt they needed to do this at all is what confuses me though, the game itself is looking incredible. The spark between Troy and Ashley looked very real and the questions that we were going to ask voice actors weren’t ever going to sink the marketing campaign.

To be fair right at the very end they started taking questions but the entire thing was already so farcical that we decided to leave and try get some real coverage.

I haven’t looked around but anyone who covered this Q&A session in depth should be shot on site. This sort of media manipulation is what makes people think the industry is diseased.

Also I’m bitter that I didn’t get the opportunity to do the Horse and Hound gag

Last Updated: September 4, 2012

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