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Fake Curiosity Trailer invokes Molyneux’s essence

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It seems as if we’ve slowly chronicled the decline of Peter Molyneux’s mental health – culminating in the completely mental revelation that his next game. and experimental one that would task global players with chipping away at a giant cube – with only the person who deals the final blow being able to see what’s inside.

It’s the game – or social experiment -  that’ll contain an in-game purchase – a diamond chisel – for around Six Hundred and Forty Thousand South African Rands. That game, Curiosity, now has a trailer – and it’s filled with all the sort of baseless hyperbole you’d expect from Molyneux. It’s amazing – and completely fake, though it’s easy to imagine that it uses exactly the same sort of fluffy celestial marketing speak that’ll end up being used for the game.

A very fake trailer – for an unfortunately very real game.

Last Updated: July 18, 2012

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