Fallout 3 Changed to "Avoid Confusion"

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I am going to try and be as neutral as I possibly can here but I do have this burning urge to rant about Australia and their silly game laws.

They have their laws on games and up to now, most game developers have been perfectly happy to just ship them censored games and give the everybody else the game as they intended. I am fine with that, its their view and they are entitled to it. I’m sure the Australian gamers are not happy about it but gamers don’t run the country.

Bethesda haven’t just made a censored version for Australia though, instead they have decided that they will just ship the Australian version globally to “avoid confusion”.

“We want to make sure folks understand that the Australian version of Fallout 3 is identical to both the UK and North American versions in every way, on every platform” said Peter Hines

“An issue was raised concerning references to real world, proscribed drugs in the game, and we subsequently removed those references and replaced them with fictional names. To avoid confusion among people in different territories, we decided to make those substitutions in all versions of the game, in all territories.”

Its not a huge change by any stretch of the imagination, but what is not to say that Bethesda will change something else that the Australians feel is out of line. It could have been worse though, they could have decided that everybody would get the same game Germany is getting, if they are even getting the game.

source: videogaming247

Last Updated: September 10, 2008

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