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Fallout 3 DLC to Provide Several Extra Hours of Gameplay

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As if Fallout 3 isn’t already going to consume the majority of our lives, Peter Hines of Bethesda has claimed the DLC for fallout 3 is going to be several hours long and is expected to be a a new quest line. Sure beats an armor download.

Peter had this to say to say to Shacknews, “We want stuff that’s going to be several hours. Not just like a one-off thing, but something like where you can download it and play it for X number of hours,”

“It’ll be similar to what we did with Knights of the Nine in Oblivion, where it’s like whole new quest lines, new stuff, that kind of thing.”

“We want to do stuff like that, where it’s adding hours of tangible stuff to the experience. And it plugs into your existing game, so whether you’re starting a new game, or you’re playing for 40 hours, you can go off and play this,” said Hines.”

Bethesda did however confirm at E3 that the ps3 won’t be receiving DLC whereas the xbox 360 and pc will.

“We stopped doing content a pretty good way before we finished the game in terms of adding new stuff. So we already have folks starting to look into what [the DLC] might be,” said Hines

With Fallout 3 releasing on October 31st it could still be a while before we even see the DLC but if this is anything to go be we could be playing the normal single player well past the release of the DLC.

source: Eurogamer

Last Updated: September 3, 2008

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