Fallout 3 Patches Coming For Everyone

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Bethesda don’t really have a good track record of getting things perfectly right the first time round. Oblivion was far from perfect upon launch and Fallout 3 has had it’s issues as well, such as crashes, lock-ups and graphical glitches.

Bethesda has finally chimed in on the subject with a comment on the game’s support forums revealing that the company “are currently working on a patch for all three platforms”.

With the amount of problems in the game that was bound to happen eventually, of course, but it’s nice to hear something from the guys on the subject. I don’t know if this will help people like me who have had some key characters just disappear, but hopefully by the time this patch comes I’m ready for my second playthrough and it can be a much smoother affair.

Last Updated: November 21, 2008

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