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Fallout 4 – Book, comics and magazines location guide

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Knowledge is power. And who has more power, THAN A HIGH SCHOOL PRINCIPAL? Wait, was this supposed to be a tribute piece to clone high or a Fallout 4 guide? Really? Right ignore that first line then. Books! Magazines! Comics! People say that words can rot your brain, but don’t believe them!

In Fallout 4, reading material is more than just glossy paper in an age that is sorely bereft of two-ply comforts. It’s a gateway to improving your vault dweller, upping their skills and making them a lean and mean bartering machine! Here’s where you can find some word power in the wasteland of Fallout 4.

Grognak the Barbarian

  • Perk: Critical Hits with unarmed and melee attacks do an added +5% damage.
  • Location: Sanctuary – On the counter of your destroyed house.
  • Perk: Critical hits with unarmed and melee attacks do an extra +5% damage.
  • Location: Corvega Assembly Plant – After you kill Jared, next to the computer on the elevated platform.
  • Perk: Unlock the Grognak the Barbarian holo-tape game.
  • Location: The Memory Den – Bottom floor, on top of the table by the memory pods.

    Robco Fun – Atomic Command

    • Perk: Unlock the Atomic Command holo-tape game.
    • Location: Museum of Freedom – Next to a working terminal in the room with Preston and the other refugees.

    Robco Fun – Pip Fall

    • Perk: Unlock the Pip Fall holo-tape game.
    • Location: Fort Hagen –In the room where you fight Kellog, on the bottom level and on top of a table.

    Astoundingly Awesome Tales

    • Perk: Increase your AP by 5.
    • Location: Vault 114 – As you follow Valentine, the comic can be found on a crate in the lower levels.
    • Perk: You gain +5% damage to super mutants
    • Location: Trinity Plaza – Can be found on the preacher’s podium.
    • Perk: You gain +5% damage at night
    • Location: Outpost Zimonja – On the workbench in the middle of the outpost.
    • Perk: +5% damage with alien blaster
    • Location: Hubris Comics  – On the top floor, go to the room with a star on the door.
    • Perk: You gain +5% damage vs Ghouls
    • Location: Crater of Atom – Mother Isolde’s home, second floor.

    Guns and Bullets

    • Perk: Ballistic weapons now gain a permanent +5% critical damage boost.
    • Location: Fratenral Post 115 – by the central bonfire room, on the podium.

    You’re SPECIAL

    • Perk: You gain +1 to any Special Attribute.
    • Location: Sanctuary – Under the baby-changing table in your old home.

    Picket Fences

    • Perk: Unlocks a new high tech light at your settlement workshop.
    • Location: Hardware Town – In the office area, on top of a desk next to a broken terminal.

    Live and Love

    • Perk: Companions permanently inflict deal 5% extra damage.
    • Location: College Square – Behind the locked door to get into the ticket booth, on top of a safe.
    • Perk: Companions gain +10% health.
    • Location: Faneuil Hall – In a small interim room.
    • Perk: Companions gain +5% damage resistance
    • Location: The Third Rail – On top of a toilet stall in a bathroom.
    • Perk: You gain +1 Luck from alcohol when adventuring with a companion
    • Location: Revere Beach Station – In a nearby bar outfitted with diversions, on top of the cooking station on the top floor.
    • Perk: You gain 5% extra XP when adventuring with a companion.
    • Location: Goodneighbour – In the Hotel Rexford, go right as you enter and you’ll see the magazine on a counter behind the bar.

    Massachusetts Surgical Journal

    • Perk: Increases your limb damage by 2%.
    • Location: Greater Mass Blood Clinic ,Fort Hagen – In the clinic, go to the locked door which requires you to use the PC to unlock it.
    • Perk: Increase your limb damage by an extra 2%.
    • Location: Greenetech Genetics – Third floor of the northern hallway, on a small table.

    Picket Fences

    • Perk: You are now able to build picket fencing at your settlement workshop.
    • Location: Beantown Brewery  – Next to the steamer trunk with the haptic drive, on the ground.
    • Perk: Patio furniture building plans unlocked at your settlement workshop.
    • Location: Weston Water Treatment Plant – In the lower levels and on a desk next to the facilities terminal.

    Tesla Science

    • Perk: Your energy Weapons now gain a +5% critical hit damage bonus.
    • Location: Rocky Cave, Virgil’s Home – On a desk in Virgil’s home.


    • Perk: You gain a +1% chance of avoiding all damage from an attack.
    • Location: Westing Estate – On the small bed platform.
    • Perk: Gain a 1% chance of avoiding all damage from an attack.
    • Location: Hubris Comics – Check-out counter of the first floor.

    U.S. Covert Operations Manual

    • Perk: You are now permanently more difficult to detect while you are sneaking.
    • Location: Reverse Satellite Array – At the top of the middle satellite.

    Taboo Tattoos

    • Perk: Gain a new facial tattoo option
    • Location: Thicket excavations – On a desk inside one of the caravans.

    Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor

    • Perk: Better prices from vendors
    • Location: Super Duper Mart – In the north quarter, go to the magazine rack between two closed rooms.

    Last Updated: November 12, 2015

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