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Fallout 4 – Cheat code guide

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Fallout 4

Damn PC gamers. They’ve got better graphics, multimedia versatility and blue screens of death. You know what else they have? Friggin’ cheat codes, a gameplay feature usually only reserved for Grand Theft Auto games these days, when it comes to consoles. Fallout 4 is here, and Bethesda is adding some old-school charm to some new-school ideas with their biggest release of the year.

Which also includes cheats, in case you want to set a speed-run record or just get past a nasty boss. And hey, I won’t judge you. Here’s how you can earn your Cheetah spots in Fallout 4.

If you’ve been near a PC in the last two decades, then you know that all you have to do, is bring up your command console (~ key ) and enter one of the following codes in the game:

Character codes

  • tgm – God Mode (infinite health, ammo and AP)
  • tai – Toggle all NPC AI to be on/off
  • tcai – Toggle NPC combat AI on / off
  • tcl – Turn NoClip mode on or off
  • tmm 1 – Show all markers on your map
  • unlock – Unlock the selected door or terminal
  • tfc – Enable the free-roaming camera
  • Kill – Kill a selected target
  • KillAll – Kill all NPCs in your area

General item codes

If you need to quickly add an item to your inventory, simply bring up your command console with the~ key and type: player.placeatme [item code] which will spawn your materialistic desires near you. Alternatively, enter player.additem [item code] to add the item directly into your inventory.

  • Bottlecap – 0000000F
  • Stimpak – 00023736
  • Rad Away – 00023742
  • Fusion Core – 00075FE4
  • Nuka-Cola Quantum – 0004835F

Bobblehead codes

  • Perception Bobblehead – 00178B5D

Weapon codes

Bring up your command console with the~ key and Enter player.additem [item code] to add weapons to your inventory.

  • Minigun – 0001F669
  • Fat Man Mini-Nuke Launcher – 000BD56F
  • Cryolator – 00171B2B
  • Deliverer – 000DC8E7

Ammo codes

Bring up your command console with the~ key and Enter player.additem [item code] to add ammo to your inventory.

  • 5mm Rounds – 0001F66C
  • Mini-Nuke – 000E6B2E
  • Cryo Cell – 0018ABE2

There’s obviously a ton more codes out there. I’ll update the list once I have more of them, or I get bored of a God-mode power armour rampage. Either/or.

Last Updated: November 10, 2015

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