Fallout 4 trophies escape from the vault

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War. War never changes. My underwear, however, does. Frequently  – because I keep soiling myself whenever I see new Fallout 4 stuff.

Fallout 4 is coming- and it’s coming in just about  two weeks. Like many of you, I expect I’ll be spending weeks in the wasteland, finding stories to tell beyond the ones in the games narrative, thanks to the emergent gameplay stuff. Because I’m just not that sort of gamer though, I doubt I’ll wrack up the full set of achievements or trophies for the game. While I understand how many people chase after the things, I don’t like having to play any game in a specific way just to earn myself a digital accolade.

If you are that sort of gamer though, you’ll be delighted to go through the list of trophies, which you can see below. There are no real spoilers – beyond a few activities, so you can happily go through the list without fear of having the story ruined.

Take a look, courtesy of Exophase:

  • Platinum TrophyCollect all other 50 Trophies for this Trophy 
  • War Never ChangesEnter The Wasteland 
  • When Freedom CallsComplete “When Freedom Calls” 
  • Unlikely ValentineComplete “Unlikely Valentine” 
  • ReunionsComplete “Reunions” 
  • Dangerous MindsComplete “Dangerous Minds” 
  • Hunter/HuntedComplete “Hunter/Hunted” 
  • The Molecular LevelComplete “The Molecular Level” 
  • The Nuclear OptionComplete “The Nuclear Option” 
  • InstitutionalizedComplete “Institutionalized” 
  • Mankind-RedefinedComplete “Mankind-Redefined” 
  • Powering UpComplete “Powering Up” 
  • Nuclear FamilyComplete “Nuclear Family” 
  • The First StepJoin the Minutemen 
  • Taking IndependenceComplete “Taking Independence” 
  • Old GunsComplete “Old Guns” 
  • Semper InvictaJoin the Brotherhood of Steel


  • Blind BetrayalComplete “Blind Betrayal” 
  • Ad VictoriamComplete “Ad Victoriam” 
  • TradecraftJoin the Railroad 
  • Underground UndercoverComplete “Underground Undercover” 
  • Rockets’ Red GlareComplete “Rockets’ Red Glare” 
  • SanctuaryComplete “Sanctuary” 
  • Community OrganizerAlly with 3 Settlements 
  • Benevolent LeaderReach Maximum Happiness in a Large Settlement 
  • Gun-For-HireComplete 10 Side Quests 
  • MercenaryComplete 50 Misc. Objectives 
  • ScavverGather 1000 Resources Used For Crafting 
  • What’s Yours Is MinePick 50 Locks 
  • RobCo’s Worst NightmareHack 50 Terminals 
  • Armed and DangerousCreate 50 Weapon Mods 
  • Wasteland D.I.Y.Craft 100 Items 
  • Never Go It AloneRecruit 5 Separate Companions 
  • LovableReach Maximum Relationship Level with a Companion 
  • Fix-Er-UpperBuild 100 Workshop Items 
  • Future RetroPlay a Holotape Game 
  • …The Harder They FallKill 5 Giant Creatures 
  • Ranger CorpsDiscover 100 Locations 
  • Print’s Not DeadRead 20 Magazines 
  • Prankster’s ReturnPlaced A Grenade Or Mine While Pickpocketing 
  • MassholeKill 300 People 
  • Animal ControlKill 300 Creatures 
  • Homerun!Get a Homerun 
  • Touchdown!Get a Touchdown 
  • They’re Not Dolls…Collect 10 Vault-Tec Bobbleheads 
  • …They’re Action FiguresCollect 20 Vault-Tec Bobbleheads 
  • Born SurvivorReach Level 5 
  • Commonwealth CitizenReach Level 10 
  • Unstoppable WandererReach Level 25


  • Legend Of The WastesReach Level 50 
  • Prepared for the FutureDecide the Fate of the Commonwealth

Last Updated: October 27, 2015

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