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War, war never changes. But the manner in which war is waged certainly does! From mini-nukes to laser rifles that make a Deathclaw’s head pop, Fallout 4 is home to plenty of weapons. Weapons that are actually fun to use this time! I’m looking at you Fallout 3. They’re scattered all across Boston however, and you’re going to need to do some serious exploration/back-scratching/ wheeling and dealing to get your hands on the finest arms left over from the apocalypse. Here’s where you can find them. Spoilers, maybe.

2076 World Series Baseball Bat

A vintage baseball bat that can send enemies soaring into the sky for the mother of all homeruns.

Location: Under Jamaica Plain City Hall.


Set enemies on fire and deal extra damage.

Location: Join Fahrenheit’s side at the end of the Big Dig side quest, and receive the Ashmaker as a reward.

Automatic Laser Musket

A laser musket with automatic fire options.

Location: You’ll be given this weapon at the beginning of the Minuteman Quest: The Nuclear Option.

AX90 Fury

A plasma gun that deals 50% more damage against Super Mutants. You can purchase the AX90 Fury.

Location:  Can be purchased from Proctor Teagan on the Brotherhood of Steel’s Prydwen airship

Big Boy

A miniature nuke launcher that fires an additional projectile.

Location: Can be purchased from from Arturo in Diamond City

Big Jim

A melee pipe wrench weapon that has a 20% bonus chance to cripple a target’s leg.

Location: South of Gorski cabin, lying in Walden Pond.


A portable naval cannon that fires cannonballs.

Location: Join the robot side in the side quest Last Voyage of the USS Constitution and you’ll be rewarded with the Broadsider.

Death From Above

A missile launcher that gives players 75% faster movement while aiming.

Location: Can be purchased from Proctor Teagan on the Prydwen when you reach Paladin rank.

Deathclaw Gauntlet

A punching weapon with massive Iron Fist perks.

Location: Complete the side quest The Devil’s Due and receive it as a reward.


A pistol variant that has improved hit chance and uses 25% less AP for V.A.T.S.

Location: Complete the Tradecraft railroad quest to receive it.

Furious Power Fist

The Furious Power Fist increases damage with each consecutive attack on a single target.

Location: Defeat the deadly Swan at Swan’s Pond in Boston Common near the first Freedom Trail marker, then loot it from its body.

Eddie’s Peace

A revolver that deals 50% more limb damage, and comes equipped with a scope.

Location: Can be found during the Detective Case Files: Long Time Coming quest.

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Experiment 18-A

A plasma gun that has a 25% faster fire rate and a 15% faster reload speed.

Location: Can be purchased from Institute Requisitions.

Final Judgement

A Gatling laser weapon that fires 25% faster and reloads 15% quicker.

Location: Can be taken from Elder Maxson during the Institute Quest: Airship Down or the Railroad Quest: Precipice of War quests.

General Chao’s Revenge

A sword that deals 50% more damage to robots.

Location: Can be purchased from Trudy at the Drumlin Diner south of Concord.

Good Intentions

A laser gun that can cause targets to go into a frenzy when a critical hit is landed.

Location: Defeat Clint on top of the elevated freeway in Quincy Ruins, and loot him to find the gun.

Grognak’s Axe

A melee weapon that causes targets to stagger and take bleed damage when hit.

Location: Northeast of Dimanond City, in a locked glass display case inside of Hubris Comics that requires advanced lockpicking skills.

HalluciGen Gas Grenade

An explosive that frenzies targets for 60 seconds.

Location: Inside HalluciGen Inc, made from materials found there.

Homing Beacon

An explosive weapon that calls down missile strikes from Zao’s sub.

Location: Complete the Side Quest: Here There Be Monsters

Institute Beacon

A beacon that will spawn Synth’s at the location of this device.

Location: Complete the Institute Quest: Airship Down


A combat shotgun that can stagger targets.

Location: Can be purchased from from Penny in the Covenant settlement.

Kellogg’s Pistol

A .44 magnum revolver that has the Relentless attribute which will refill Action Points when critical hits are landed.

Location: Can be found during the main quest Reunions.

Junk Jet

Can convert junk into ammunition.

Location: Speak to Paladin Danse to begin the Call to Arms quest, which will lead you to ArcJet Systems. Junk Jet can be found in the lower level Engine Core control room.

Les Fusil Teribles

A combat shotgun that deals an extra 25% damage and limb damage.

Location: In Libertalia, in the captain;s cabin on top of a wooden yellow crate.

Lorenzo’s Artifact

A gamma gun that can knock back enemies.

Location: Complete the Secret of Cabot House quest

Old Faithful

A laser pistol that deals double damage to targets with full health.

Location: Can be purchased from Arturo in Diamond City

Pickman’s Blade

A blade that causes targets to bleed an extra 25 points of damage when attacked.

Location: Earned as a reward for helping Pickman at Pickman’s Gallery near the Old North Church. You’ll be given a key that can be used behind a painting to find a hidden safe.

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A missile launcher that deals 50% extra damage against humans.

Location: Can be purchased from KL-E-0 at the weapon shop in Goodneighbor.

Prototype PA77

A laser pistol with an unlimited magazine clip capacity.

Location: Inside the University Credit Union, within a master locked safe.

Railway Rifle

A rifle that shoots railway spikes.

Location: Complete the Railroad Quest: Underground Undercover

Righteous Authority

Critical hits deal double damage with this laser rifle.

Location: Rewarded to you after completing the Brotherhood of Arms Quest: Call to Arms

Reba II

A hunting rifle that deals an extra 50% damage on Mirelurks and bugs.

Location: Help Barney in the Miscellaneous Quest: Barney Rook in Salem so that you can be given this weapon.


A ripper weapon that allows players to receive 15% less damage while standing still.

Location: Can be purchased from a Level 4 Workshop merchant.

Rockville Slugger

A baseball bat that reduces Action Point costs by 40%.

Location: Can be purchased from Moe Cronin in the Diamond City market.

Sentinel’s Plasmacaster

A plasma rifle that deals double damage to a target with full health.

Location: Can be purchased from Proctor Teagan on the Prydwen when you achieve Sentinel rank.

Shem Drowne’s Sword

A Revolutionary sword that deals radiation damage.

Location: Can be found during the Detective Case Files Quest: The Gilded Grasshopper

Spray ‘n’ Pray

A submachine gun that fires explosive bullets which deal 15 points of area effect damage on impact.

Location: Can be purchased from the wandering caravan merchant Cricket who pops up near Diamond City, Warwick Homestead or Vault 81.

The Gainer

A revolver that can ignite targets to deal 15 points of additional damage. To obtain the Gainer, players must solve the Vitale Pumphouse number puzzle. Look for it in the room with the steamer trunk.

Location: Solve the Vitale Pumphouse number puzzle (Solution can be found in the room with the steamer trunk).


A melee weapon that can set enemies ablaze.

Location: Defeat Slag in the Saugus Ironworks and loot it from his body.

The Last Minute

A gauss rifle that deals 50% increased limb damage.

Location: Can be purchased from a level 4 workshop merchant.

Tinker Tom Special

A hunting rifle that uses extra AP but has increased V.A.T.S. accuracy while out of combat.

Location: Can be purchased from Tinker Tom at the Railroad HQ

Virgil’s Rifle

An Institute rifle that deals an extra 50% damage against Super Mutants.

Location: Steal (OR KILL) from Virgil to get the rifle.

Wastelander’s Friend

A 10mm pistol that deals an extra 50% limb damage.

Location: Can be purchased from Deb at Bunker Hill.

Wazer Wifle

A laser rifle with unlimited ammo capacity.

Location: Complete Shaun’s quests after the Main and Faction quests.

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