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Fallout 4’s survival mode sounds like hell…in a good way

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Fallout 4 was a pretty good game, I thought. I certainly think it could have been better – especially where the actual roleplaying bits were concerned. There didn’t really seem to be much in the way of real consequence to your actions, or how you interacted with others, making the game feel to me more like an action shooter with role-playing elements than the previous games. While that sounds like harsh criticism, it’s not – because it was a pretty damned good action shooter with role-playing elements.

The impending survival mode for Fallout 4 sounds more like the sort of thing that’ll make it feel like a RPG – though I have to admit it doesn’t really sound as appealing to me as it might’ve if I wasn’t growing old and impatient. Were I but a few years younger, I’d have been really, really in to this. In a new blog post, Bethesda’s outlined the sort of things you can expect from Fallout 4’s survival mode – which, they say, will “force you to make interesting choices,” by bringing in “the type of circular systems you might find in a game like Dark Souls.”

Here are the four pillars upon which survival mode is built on:

  1. Strategy: Intensify decisions involving when to get into combat versus when to avoid it, and also make you think more about what gear to take into combat. Then back up those decisions with faster, more brutal fights.
  2. Exploration: Slow down the pace of the game and encourage players to explore the nooks and crannies of the world.
  3. Resource Management: Balance out items in the world that may be too easy to acquire or horde, giving players more to consider when planning their current loadout.
  4. Role Playing: Increase the realism of the world and the issues one might face there.

There are some major system overhauls effecting that change. You’ll no longer be able to save at will, with the only way to set your game in stone to sleep in a bed for an hour. You’ll also no longer be able to fast travel – if you need to get anywhere, you’re going to have to hoof it. Combat’s significantly tougher, and threats won’t just appear on your minimap – so you’ll have to be acutely aware of your surroundings. You will also need to take care of yourself by staying hyrdated, fed, and rested. If you don’t eat, drink, or sleep for a while your health will deteriorate.

To me, it all sounds like a chore – but those of you who appreciate hardcore options and the satisfaction of going up against the odds will likely appreciate it. The Survival mode update is coming to PC and consoles in the near future – but if you want to get in early, you can dabble with the beta on PC.

Here’s how:

  • Log into Steam
  • Right Click on Fallout 4 in your Library
  • Select Settings
  • Select Betas
  • A drop down menu will appear. Select Survival Beta Update
  • Select OK
  • Wait a few minutes and Fallout 4 should update
  • When done, Fallout 4 should appear as Fallout 4 [Beta] in your Library

Find out more, here.

Last Updated: March 30, 2016

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