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Fallout 76 players are taking their anger out on Fallout 1st subscribers

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Players who have paid extra money to have access to a range of special features in Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic MMO are reportedly undergoing targeted griefing.


Last week, Bethesda announced a new “exciting” way to explore and experience the world of Fallout 76, the notoriously buggy and poorly received survival MMO set within the Fallout universe. Fallout 1st would allow players of Fallout 76 to pay a monthly rate of $12.99 (~R190) or $99.99 (~R1460.00) for a year, to gain access to a slew of features that many players have been requesting since the game launched at the end of 2018. The premium subscription model allowed paying players access to Private Worlds, an unlimited Scrapbox to store the piles of junk players pick up and a Survival Tent that functions as a mobile base. Turns out, in a twist that absolutely everyone saw coming, people utterly hated this move.


In fact, people hate the overcharged subscription model so much that they’re taking their anger out on those that have already bought into the program. In the game’s normal Adventure Mode, players have targeted Fallout 1st subscribers, designated by a specific symbol next to their in-game name, non-subscribers have begun to grief and harass those with access to the exclusive features that come with the subscription model. What was initially a game that was about rebuilding the world together has devolved in a “Yeet the Rich” situation as players speak out against those buying into the system.


As strange as it may sound, Fallout 76 now represents late-stage capitalism and unbalanced class structure in a really accurate way. Why waste time trying to save the world when it’s so much more fun to reignite the French Revolution, but this time with laser rifles and robots? That sounds cool as Hell, someone should make that game.

I’m trademarking that, don’t get any ideas.

Last Updated: October 28, 2019

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