Fallout: New Vegas DLC is incoming

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Have you been wondering the Mojave wasteland for days with nothing new to do? Have you grown tired of shooting arms off the charming citizens and delightful wildlife? Do you yearn for new adventures in unexplored terrain that teems with possibilities and radiation? Well then you’ll have to wait until December because that’s when the first load of DLC will arrive.

Oh yes, it’s also “exclusive” to Xbox Live. Surprised? Really? Thought not. The content is called Dead Money and it arrives on Xbox Live on 21 December for 800 MS points – how festive!

In Dead Money, your character gets captured with three other wastelanders. You and your new friends will then be forced into finding the lost treasure of the Sierra Madre Casino. The DLC promises new enemies to mutilate! New terrain to explore! And new choices to briefly deliberate over before realising that it’s just a game and you can totally quicksave whenever you want.

Of course, this whole notion of “exclusivity” to the Xbox 360 is a minor nuisance to some people. All that it really means is that you’ll have to exhibit some patience; the DLC will eventually arrive on other platforms. If it doesn’t then I’ll send you all an internet cookie to say sorry.

Source: Kotaku

Last Updated: November 18, 2010

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