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Fallout: New Vegas lead designer talks Fallout 4 ideas

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You’re not going to see Fallout 4 for quite some time, and that makes me a sad panda. Still! That doesn’t mean that the franchise is dead, and even a former developer on one of the entries in that franchise has a few ideas for the rumoured sequel.

“Fallout games are best when the choices are – and this applies to role-playing games in general, but Fallout is a more desperate world – more agonising,” Fallout: New Vegas Lead Designer Josh Sawyer said in an interview with Eurogamer, likening the decisions made in Fallout 3 to the hard life of the Mad Max films.

Also, you see that in the Road Warrior [Mad Max] films, Max, even when he wins, just goes on being a wanderer. There’s that kind of bitter-sweet victory in the difficult choices that people make. Regardless of what the setting is, I would hope that that is a big part of the storytelling of it.

So how would Sawyer implement these ideas, if he was developing the game? By emphasising those choices and giving them real repercussions. “A lot of stuff I did in New Vegas was to try and make choices feel more impactful and meaningful and to challenge the player,” Sawyer explained.

Some people want to go through the wasteland like a tourist, which is fine – they don’t really want it to be super-difficult. They want it to be interesting and engaging, and they want to see a lot of neat stuff and go through a cool story. And that’s cool.

Personally I like things to be a little more challenging, and there’s a segment of players that also want [that]. I don’t have any doubt in this.

But according to Sawyer, there’s one other idea that would make Fallout 4 truly shine and stick around with fans past the initial launch week run: Mods. “I hope Bethesda continues to make everything very mod friendly,” Sawyer said.

How they’ve worked with the community is… the mod community for Bethesda’s games is amazing. I hope they continue to support them because it’s really cool.

I dug Fallout: New Vegas, which eventually patched out most of the technical problems which hamstrung an otherwise superb game. And Sawyer has a few good points above. Hopefully one of these days, we’ll see the return of PIP-boys and nuclear brothels.

Although if someone could mod more Liam Neeson in his Taken mode into Fallout, that would be just grand.

Last Updated: May 26, 2014

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