Far Cry 2 DLC already coming

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Far Cry 2

Yes I realise that this is the way of the world and that all software products have a better version in development before the original version is released but I have to say I don’t like it.

It just feels wrong knowing that we are going to be playing something that is already old according to the guys who developed it…

Anyway my bizarre feelings aside, it has been mentioned in an interview that there is already Far Cry 2 DLC in development, it is actually at a playable stage right now but still needs a lot of polishing and improving before it will be sent out into the wild.

The Far Cry 2 producer, Louis-Pierre Pharand, has this to say about the DLC

“"Yes! We’re actually working on that, but I can’t say what the content of those will be… but they’re going to be f***ing cool."”

On one hand it’s nice to know that your investment in Far Cry 2 is going to a long standing one but on the other hand you wonder if they couldn’t off just put the DLC into the original retail copy…

There goes my cynical side again… lets just look forward to Far Cry 2*

Source: Play.tm

*Am I the only one who keeps typing Fary Cry 2 by mistake… which sounds like an awesome game all in itself.

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