Far Cry 2 has a release date

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[Update] Megarom has just confirmed that we will be getting Far Cry 2 on the 24th as well…  Thanks guys

Far Cry 2

24th of October is when Far Cry 2 is scheduled to now land… to me that’s a little close to the Gears 2 release date and is, in my mind, a little risky from Ubisoft’s point of view.

However I do presume that 14 days is going to be more than enough time to complete Far Cry 2 so I guess we can fit it in.

I haven’t received confirmation from Megarom yet but hopefully they will confirm the same release date, as well as the fact that we will get the cool limited edition bundle that is appearing in the EU.

The limited edition bundle comes with a 50km Map, T-Shirt, Art Book, making of DVD and it all ships in a wooden box.

I don’t want to say what I expect from this game since I seem to be jinxing titles this year but I am looking forward to some more realistic flames and to blowing some more stuff up.








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Last Updated: September 8, 2008

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