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Far Cry 3 – An open world full of insane linearity

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Sure, there are plenty of FPS games hitting us this year, from Apocalypse Now inspired shooter such as Spec Ops: The Line, to the gun-collectathon that is Borderlands 2, but one such high-profile title that has kept its details under a tight guard has to be Far Cry 3.

We’ve seen very little of the upcoming title from Ubisoft , with only glimpses shown of the main protagonist as he tries to survive lethal encounters with the severely disturbed Vaas.

Until now that is, as a slew of new information has just been revealed about the open-world shooter.

According to details published from GamingEverything, Far Cry 3 will indeed have an open world structure, but missions will be more linear and scripted in its design, although the option to achieve your goals will still allow for varied gameplay.

Such examples shown had protagonist James Brody using a sniper rifle to pick off foes from afar, running into an enemy camp with guns blazing while under some form of crazy that can only be measured in Nicholas Cage-o-meters, or also putting C4 on a jeep and then pushing it down a hill to detonate in the enemy camp.

Brody himself, is reported to have been on the island for years already, frantically searching for his kidnapped girlfriend, while also suffering a mental breakdown in the process that leaves him with hallucinations and an “unreliable perspective”, a madness that seems to permeate throughout the island, as the majority of soldiers and antagonists all seem to suffer from madness and insanity as well.

So, it seems that we’ll get to play a game that mixes open-world exploration with heavily-scripted missions and quests, while also having to contend with some sort of post-traumatic stress, which sounds ideal actually.

Far Cry 3 is currently scheduled for release later this year, for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Don’t forget to bring your happy pills with you when you play it.

Last Updated: February 15, 2012

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