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Far Cry 3 announced at E3–check the screenshots

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I was given the glorious job of going to bed on time last night and missing all the main press conferences so that I could be up nice and early to post some stories while everyone slept.

Unfortunately this also means I don’t really know what happened and am now playing catch up but so far the only surprise announcement (that wasn’t a massive surprise anyway) was that Far Cry 3 is coming.

Far Cry 3 is going to be set on a idyllic paradise island that quickly turns out to be the perfect setting for a nightmare to unfold. You are Jason Brody who appears to be a photographer sent to the island to see what the local militia are up to.

You pretty quickly realise the local militia are up to no good and we see them killing innocent unarmed ladies, throwing people off cliffs and even worse… killing you by tying a concrete block to your feet and throwing you into the ocean.

You escape obviously and after marvelling at the water effect, lush jungle vegetation and size of the environment you head out to find a way to safety.

All in all it’s looking pretty incredible and in this producer interview below we get to hear that we will be able to snipe, use a variety of weapons, fast travel and that the basis of the entire story is that everything should be getting scarier and scarier as we go along. In the sense that you realise that you can’t trust anyone or anything that you might believe.

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Last Updated: June 7, 2011

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