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Far Cry 3 is looking even better in this gameplay footage

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Last week, Ubisoft released an incredible promotional trailer for their upcoming title, Far Cry 3, and while the short clip may have been all carefully constructed CGI of the main protagonist discovering that his perfect vacation spot happened to also include a slice of ruthless mercenary action, it was nonetheless still an amazing appetiser for the actual game that comes out later this year.

Actual footage of Far Cry 3 in action has been harder to find than Bigfoot however, with Ubisoft keeping any such in-game footage tightly under wraps, only releasing it in time for gaming events and teasers.

Until now that is, as Ubisoft has just recently allowed for a few minutes of Baysplosion-filled set pieces and adrenaline-infused stages to be released. There’s some colourful language in the video, so consider yourself warned.

Sure, it’s most likely been tinkered with to only show the best bits of FC3, but still, the game does look phenomenal indeed. It looks like this time, the next Far Cry title is going to be a perfect mix of the previous games, combining the vast open world of FC2 with the jungle setting and focused mission structure of FC1.

Last Updated: February 20, 2012

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