Far Cry 3 is going to be big- really big

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When it comes to FPS games, its clearly obvious that the Far Cry series has a fetish for wide open spaces. The first Far Cry game had a sprawling jungle, while the second game took place in an a massive African landscape populated by leftover stereotypical South African mercenaries who really didn’t like you. Now Far Cry is going back to its tropical island setting, but its going to be even bigger this time.

In an interview with Edge magazine, narrative director Jason VandenBerghe described how Farcry 3 is going to be both massive and dense at the same time.

If you look at the vistas and the scale of Far Cry 1 and 2, take that and multiply it by ten. We want to take that even further. We’re focusing on taking that scale and making it dense, so that around every corner there’s something to find or see.

That’s a key in open-world experiences. We ask ourselves: if there wasn’t anyone to shoot in the game, could it still be fun?

While Far Cry 2 was a fantastic game, the landscape was a bit too big, often resulting in lengthy exploration that quickly became boring as there was nothing to shoot at or very little to discover. Likewise with the multiplayer, matches just seemed to drag on and on, as it took forever to find your opponents.

On the other hand, gamers will also want to have some breathing space in between battles, so Ubisoft is going to have their work cut out for them when it comes to properly balancing events in the game.

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Last Updated: July 6, 2011

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