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Far Cry 3 patch to remove screen-clutter

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Ubisoft has confirmed that they are working on a patch to clean up Far Cry 3’s very unbelievably messy user interface.

CVG and Kotaku reports that gamers have been hacking the PC version of the game, to hide pop-ups/notifications and other elements of the user interface. Ubisoft responded to Kotaku in a statement saying:

Based on feedback from both press and fans, the Far Cry 3 production team is working on a patch that will allow you to toggle most HUD/UI elements based on player preference. The patch will also avoid issues encountered in the .dll hack that might create a mission walkthrough break (missing QTE prompts, critical information, etc;). The team is excited about how the Far Cry 3 community and fans of the game are enjoying themselves, and finding new ways to experience the RookIslands. More news will be coming on the patch shortly…

There’s only one question that comes to mind having read all of this: “What are you talking about!?” The UI is cleaner than that of the first Far Cry and even that wasn’t messy at all. There’s nothing obscuring your view. If there were any annoyances that need to be fixed in the game, it’s that it doesn’t save your last main mission when you log out or quit the game, meaning that every time you log back in, you have to hear the same phone call to get the mission again. The UI seems pretty clean to me, maybe because I’m used to playing games like this:

Last Updated: December 10, 2012

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