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Far Cry 4 PC patch fixes crippling issues

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I play most of my games on PC, which means that day one purchases are usually terrible ideas. Having a game work perfectly on PC from the start is kind of like finding a medium-sized unicorn in a field of haystacks bigger than a small island; it’s practically impossible. That’s were hasty patches come into play, and now Far Cry 4 is having some major issues fixed.

A particularly nasty bug has been plaguing PC since launch, with the game throwing out black screens or transforming the game into a less attractive greyscale vintage film. Output missions also had a habit of changing everything to a dull grey, but Ubisoft seem to have fixed everything with the latest patch.

Check out the rather short patch notes below:

Patch Notes:

  • Fixed the “black screen” issue PC players were experiencing when certain USB peripherals were plugged in.
  • Fixed the “grey screen” issue some PC players were may have encountered after the Outpost Master Mission.

That’s pretty much everything being fixed now, but Ubisoft also stated that they’re looking into the unsurprising amount of SLI and Crossfire issues, as well as feedback on key bindings and mouse acceleration tweaking. At the very least the game sounds far more stable than Far Cry 3 at launch, which was a mess for me personally.

How’s your experience with the game been though? Have Far Cry 4’s bugs been getting you more down than Pagan Min’s blond bangs?

Last Updated: November 26, 2014

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