Far Cry 4’s latest patch is now live

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Far Cry 4 was a rarity in gaming this year. Largely stable, and with few issues from day one. That was the Ps4 and Xbox One versions however, with the PC version being a tad bit…iffy. Still, the game had few complaints in that department, and a patch would be actually welcome instead of bemoaned. Here’s what you can expect in the latest title update.

Here’s the full list of patch notes from Ubisoft, which will various graphical fixes and UI improvements:

  • Added 21:9 aspect ratio support
  • Added Russian text and subtitles to worldwide game version
  • Fixed an issue with aim assist
  • Fixed an issue with grappling if aim button was remapped on another key
  • Fixed an issue with mouse input
  • Fixed an issue with movement key binding on mouse buttons
  • Fixed an issue with Uplay invites in Steam version
  • Fixed various Controls issues
  • Fixed various Graphic issues
  • Fixed various IGE issues
  • Fixed various Session Browser issues
  • Fixed various UI issues
  • NVIDIA graphics preset was removed
  • Reduced performance drop impact during streaming

Remember, this is for PC only. Console owners can be all smug about not needing this, at the cost of better graphics and having to deal with technical support. According to some NeoGAF users however, the latest patch has done very little to fix any of the remaining shadowing and stuttering in the game. Which kind of sucks. I’m trying to patch the game on my PC, but I still need to find a way to make it run on a Pentium 486 with super-VGA graphics. As you might imagine, I’m having no luck whatsoever.

Last Updated: December 12, 2014

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