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Far Cry 4’s Yuma has terrible hair

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If there’s one thing I’m starting to realise about Kyrat, the fictional location in which Far Cry 4 is set, it’s that nobody there seems to know how to cut hair. Protagonist Pagan Min has arguably the worst haircut of any modern villain – and his newly revealed right hand not-a-man has an equally silly hairdo. Meet Yuma: Deadly tactician, general of the Royal Army, and Pagan Min’s right-hand woman.


We don’t really know very much about her – though we do know that she possesses ovaries – and that though players might not be able to play as a woman (even in the game’s co-op multiplayer) they’ll end up going head-to-toe with a strong, possibly deranged woman. Like Pagan Min himself, Yuma mixes military garb with 80’s infused neon colours – which brings out their eyes..and their homicidal thirst for blood, probably.

Far Cry 4 came under fire for racism, sexism and homophobia when it was announced – all based on a single image, sending the internet in to a tumult of rage without the slightest hint of context. Now that we know that Pagan Min isn’t a foppish-haired white, flagrantly homosexual overlord subjugating darker-skinned people, much of that rage seems to have subsided.

The game still doesn’t feature female playable characters though, which Ubisoft has passed off as a workload issue.

“It’s really depressing because we were inches away from having you be able to select a girl or a guy as your co-op buddy when you invite someone in,” Far Cry 4 director Alex Hutchinson confessed to Polygon.

“And it was purely a workload issue because we don’t have a female reading for the character, we don’t have all the animations, and so it was this weird issue where you could have a female model that walked and talked and jumped like a dude,” he added.

But at least, with the issue being brought up all the time, it’s something that will soon be going away.

“I can guarantee you that in the future, moving forward, this sort of stuff will go away,” he said.

Which of course, will open up the air for people to whine and moan about other things.

Last Updated: August 25, 2014

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