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Far Cry 5 lets you customise your character, play the campaign in co-op

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by Paul Davies

Welcome to Far Cry 5, an epic of biblical extortions

There’s a new gang of crazies in town – Hope County, Montana to be more precise. Who’s going to stop them? Well, believe it or not, that will be you. Yes, in Far Cry 5 there is no answer to Jason Brody or Ajay Ghale to take care of business with a pocketful of quotes. This time, you’ll customise your own avatar and do things your way; a first for the franchise.

Before moving on to set the scene for you, we’re pleased to learn that Far Cry 5 allows the entire campaign to be completed in co-op too. You and your buddy, sticking it to the man.

That man is Joseph Seed, a contender for the most despicable adversary in Far Cry history. Together with his family, whom he has appointed – nay anointed as his ‘Heralds’, Seed has established the Project at Eden’s Gate: a small army of religious extremists. Their warning to the people of Hope Country is “You Must be Prepared to be Tested”; an excuse to terrorise families in their homes, forcing them to pray with guns to their heads, and drag innocent people to the river to be baptised, which looks a lot more like drowning.

At the beginning of the story, you, as you, are called in to help in the role of Deputy Sheriff. Much to your own surprise, Joseph Seed hands himself in willingly. Of course, it was never going to be as easy as that. The fruitcake’s friends and family come riding to his rescue, resulting in your being kidnapped. After making your escape, you decide that this means war.

Far Cry 5 could be the most charismatic chapter in the series, focusing on the people that get involved in a big way, requiring players to figure out friend from foe. The gist seems to be that you rarely act alone, and that to successfully undo the evil that Seed has sown, it’ll take the whole town to rise against him, a network to form the Resistance.

Ubisoft hasn’t gone into the details just yet, but we have met three of your main allies from Hope County. Pastor Jerome, is a preacher who wears a bullet vest and keeps pistol stashed in his bible. “Woe to the man who leads my flock astray,” he says, reaching for the shotgun.

Mary May is described as a business woman in charge of a bar called ‘The Whistling Beaver’. She grew up in Hope, and watched helplessly as the Seeds took her mother and brother.

“F*ck no, this place is ours!” she says. Finally, we meet Nick Rye who appears to be performing routine maintenance on his crop duster. In fact, he’s attaching a chain gun to the front of it, explaining “These f*ckers around here, people are scared man!”

The whole show is set to blow like a powder keg on a very short fuse, and the trailer sets things up nicely with an ominous “something is coming” line that is as corny as the fields, but appropriate and fits the bill. “I am your father, and you are my children,” says Seed, as if we don’t already suspect that this man is totally insane. “We will take you, willingly or not.”

But why did Ubisoft choose this controversial direction for Far Cry 5? It’s a sign of the times, is what they’re saying. America is as good a place as any to reflect upon the volatile state of the world; there’s anger and confusion everywhere. The Seeds ride into Hope County, telling people what they want to hear, offering a way out, a means of salvation. We’re not sure if Joseph Seed is truly a religious man, genuinely crazy, or some combination of both. But we do know that we will put an end to the suffering his misguided regime has caused.

Ubisoft says there is more to be revealed about this living, breathing world in the weeks to come. E3’s a pretty safe bet.

Last Updated: May 26, 2017

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