Far Cry Primal has a story amidst its brutal clubbing

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Far Cry Primal might look like an entirely different beast on the outside, but it upholds so many of the traditional franchise gameplay pillars to make it feel like a Far Cry title at every corner. At its core it’s a game you’re already familiar with, but the way these pillars have been tweaked to suit the time period offers up new, more violent ways to take down unintelligible foes in the stone age as Takkar – the first beastmaster.

That involves loads of spears to the chest, clubs to the face and prowess with a bow – with a little bit of story wedged in here and there.

That’s at least what the latest trailer for the fully-fledged sequel tries desperately to remind you of, with the central conflict between Takkar and rival tribes taking centre stage. Or at least I think it does – all I really saw was some brutal kills and the incredibly useful owl you’ll get to control with Takkar and his advanced animal whispering.

If you listen really closely you’ll pick up that Takkar seems to be the last bastion of defence against someone called Ull – who seems to be fighting for the title of first Dictator in earth’s short history. With Takkar being able to tame all kinds of beasts like sabertooths, mammoths and jaguars, he seems like the perfect candidate to stand out and mouth out something akin to a protest. Or just beat the guy over the head with his club. That seems to work too.

In truth I’m genuinely intrigued by Far Cry Primal on a gameplay level (having played it late last year), but I’m still not sure how a captivating tale is going to emerge during a time with such little communication. That being said, I’m fully open to Ubisoft surprising me at every corner in that regard when the game launches on February 23rd.

Last Updated: January 21, 2016

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