Far Cry The Wild Expedition announced

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Did you know that the Far Cry franchise is now a decade old? Oh it’s true! And a video game birthday just wouldn’t be complete without some form of celebration, now would it? In other words, open your wallets, because the ultimate collection is on the way.

Far Cry Classic, Far Cry 2, Far Cry Bro 3 and Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon are all getting shoved into one package this year, much like a university attempt to fit as many small students as possible into an Opel Corsa and oxygen be damned.

It’ll be out on Valentines Day, February 14th and is currently priced at £29.99, or according to the latest exchange rate figures R7.2 Million (Citation needed). Far Cry Classic will also be available as a standalone download on February 12 for £7.99 on XBLA and the Sony PlayStation Network. The full collection will hit Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

As far as games go, no two Far Cry titles are alike. Far Cry 1 was a massive shooter back in the day, with players taking on the role of Jack Carver and shooting it out with mercs and mutants. Far Cry 2 is the guilty pleasure locally, due to the fact that it had copious amounts of skiet die bliksem, while Far Cry 3 was technically brilliant but narratively lacking.

And there’s Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, which is one of the best standalone games ever created. It’s pure 1980s style with even more cringe-worthy leather suits, cybernetics and some of the best writing ever encountered in gaming. It’s the game that Far Cry 3 should have been, but it shows just how versatile a game studio can be when a gamble of a chance is taken.

But enough gushing, here’s the cover art for the game, on various platforms homie:

Far Cry (3)187 ROD PS2 Inlay UKFar Cry (2)

Valentines day release huh? Trust me, a multiplayer session of this is way more romantic than diamonds or wedding proposals.

Last Updated: January 10, 2014

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