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Fallout 4 (30)

It’s November. Or more precisely, it’s the beginning of that month that you’re going to pull a vanishing act at work, ditch the family and forget to feed Muffins the family poodle. Yes, it’s a Fallout month, the likes of the world has not been since the great buggering-off of October 2008.

It’s mere days to go until Fallout 4 is released then, and people are hungrier than Ryback after an hour at a Chinese buffet. Reviews will most likely hit before or on launch day, judging by the number of people who currently have the sequel in their hands.

And that’s good! That shows a great deal of faith from Bethesda when it comes to Fallout 4. And thanks to the bastion of integrity known as YouTube and Twitch, the game has seen plenty of footage and images leaked in a vain attempt to be FIRST.

Screens which I’ll now also leak, because if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em as I scroll this Imgur link:

Bethesda has declined to comment on the leaked screens and video, beyond telling the Spaniard responsible to stop doing that dammit. Meanwhile, NeoGAF has a list of impressions up on the game. Consider yourselves warned of spoilers. No really, this is your second to last warning. Are you ready? Cool, my work here is done then.

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The game, even tough not so revolutionary, it doesn’t look like in the captures but better. The game world looks better than great, and the illumination is one of the best I’ve seen. It is true that it suffered some framedrops but, there is also much more on screen.

DIFFICULTY: Very easy, easy, normal, hard, very hard, SURVIVAL. They change damage, resistance of enemies and appearing rate of legendary enemies. Legendary enemies are harder and they have a chance of dropping a legendary item with unique characteristics like better critic chance or that refills AP when doing a critic.

HUD colour will be customizable by RGB sliders.

Mini-games for unlocking doors and terminals are exactly the same as in Fallout 3.

About the size of the map, is hard to tell a size because it’s quite small on the pip-boy but it doesn’t seem small at all, there is a lot to find on it. Probably Skyrim’s size more or less?

COMBAT: WAY better. It is no COD but the FPS sensations are amazing, you notice every impact, the weapons recess, different characteristics between them etc makes it wonderful. There was a lot of place from Fallout 3 to improve so I was doubtful about what would they do, but you all can be calm about it.

WEAPONS: More about them, he has only seen like 12-15 base weapons yet, but he says that the weapons mods is crazy. Every weapon can easily have 25-30 different pieces that alter sadistics.

LOADING TIMES: There are a lot of little houses that doesn’t need a loading screen, but big buildings normally do. Loadings between buildings are normally really short, being fast travel loading longer.

POWER ARMORS: Used almost like a vehicle. You get inside, you use it, you get out of it and it stays on that place. It gives them a more OP feel, but it is also way less “comfortable” to use.

NARRATIVE: He says it starts a little bit weak, and it takes a little to get it up and running. In his almost a day of playing has only completed 4 history missions because they’re pretty long and full of things to do. Even tough, he thinks the way the story is going can be very interesting.

And thus endeth the spoilersth. November 10, mark it in your book. If you need help ditching work, my atrocious penmanship can easily fool most employers into thinking that you have a genuine script from your doctor.

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Last Updated: November 2, 2015

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  • Grand Admiral Chief SpaceNinja

    Drat, was trying to avoid the hype, BUT IT LOOKS SOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOD

    • Generic ZA

      To late 😀

  • Alien Emperor Trevor

    No one expects the Spanish Leakquisition!

  • Hammersteyn


  • Stosta


  • The Sten

    Holy Crap my voice goes up 2 octaves just by looking at that blue tights.

  • Rock789


  • Mossel

    Started playing New Vegas yesterday… the graphics alone on Fallou t4 looks incredible compared to New Vegas.

    • Viking Of Science

      Mod the Hell out of it, you’d be surprised how Good NV can look 🙂

      • Mossel

        That’s the plan! Any mods you can recommend?

  • schitsophrenic-toothbrush

    Frik!! still trying to finish The Witcher 3, over the 100hr mark but only got to skellige now! I have 8 days left…

    • Grand Admiral Chief SpaceNinja


      • schitsophrenic-toothbrush

        It’s those damn unknown locations!!!!! I need to explore them all

        • Grand Admiral Chief SpaceNinja

          Just focus on the land, you will get past those in the sea (heh, get in the sea) when you do the missions there.

          Just be warned, Skellige and the subsequent quests are quite long, you need to get cracking soldier!

  • Greylingad[CNFRMD]

    I’m avoiding spoilers, don’t want my expectations of this game to end up like the smouldering ashes of Stone Cradle…Such a pity…

    • DJSkippy

      I’m avoiding spoilers, don’t want my expectations of this game to end up like the smouldering ashes of Duke Nukem Forever…fixed it for you…

  • Viking Of Science

    Feel like Cartman waiting for the Nintendo Wii…. Hype Intensifies.

    • schitsophrenic-toothbrush

      freeze yourself under snow get someone to wake you up when its time :p just not butters

  • Lardus-For the Emperor!

    So, you have a dog in the game? If anything happens to him I might need a new screen/tv (depending what I upgrade to play this game). DOG MUST LIVE!

    • Pheniks

      he (from what ive heared) is immortal / cannot die

  • BurninZ

    ah man, i am so frikking keen! The graphics look really good, i already know how i am going to spend my character build points! Like myself in real life, strength and intelligence with a touch of luck! ! I cant wait to come down with a terrible bug/flu next Tuesday!

    • Johann

      Read somewhere that the dog can’t die. I hope that is true, my companions can die in the most horrific of ways but please leave the dog alone!

  • Snowlockk

    Bought a Xbox for this game on Friday. Spent the weekend play Shadow of Mordor trying to work out the controller and dying horribly.

    • Nikola

      You got an Xbox, my condolences I am sorry;)

      Shadow of Mordor cool game:)

      • Snowlockk

        🙂 I already know I have to buy a PS4. Will get one in January. A friend of mine is on Xbox with a lot of the games I want to play so…..

        • Nikola

          hahah as long as you know that:))) Nah just kidding of course dude if all your friends are playing Xbox it makes sense to get one!

          • Snowlockk

            Wasn’t an easy decision they both have fun exclusives so I got to the stage where I said screw it I’ll get both.

          • Nikola

            Yeah look if you can get both that’s like the best of both worlds not going to lie, I just can’t stand the Xbox controller and my PS4 backlog is already growing if I had an Xbox as well don’t think I would ever catch up lol

  • Nikola

    I have this sneaky suspicion once I start playing this I won’t play anything else for at least 3 months until I have discovered everything and checked under every rock:)

  • Lisa

    “Every weapon can easily have 25-30 different pieces that alter sadistics.”

    Those weapons sounds brutal.

  • CodeDisQus

    I feel like I’m the only one in the world who is not interested in fallout 4 :/

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