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Feast your eyes on the most expensive Xbox One ever made

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Are you flash with cash? More ostentatious than a cheetah speedo (Ladies, wink wink) and used to the good life that gives you a brigadier general level paunch? Then this might be the Xbox One for you.

As spotted by Reddit via CVG, Harrods is decking the halls this season with a very festive Xbox One. Trading the matte and shiny plastic finish of the current console design for some rare metals, the London exclusive version boasts a 24 carat gold case and the envy of all to whoever buys this particular edition.

The price? A cool £6000/$9779, which translates to around R100 864. Enough to buy a tuck-shop at a not-a-compound or about sixteen PlayStation 4’s. Or one hell of a donation to charity which would feed dozens of unfortunate no I can’t keep a straight face when thinking of that yes I am a bastard. Here’s what else you could buy with that much cash:

  • Seventeen virgin llamas
  • Four million packets of tomato sauce
  • Enough alcohol to make Gavin your best friend for 43 minutes
  • A cure to Geoff’s various ailments
  • Other stuff that I didn’t make up


Worth the price? Who knows, but on the plus side, if you ever fell for that 4Chan Xbox One bricking joke, at least you’d have something worth its weight in gold.

Last Updated: December 17, 2013

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