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I’ve been struggling to find anything interesting in any Humble Bundles lately. It’s not because there haven’t been any good ones, but rather due to the fact that I own so many of the indie games being thrown up most of the time. That’s probably why this In-Die Bundle 13 grabbed my attention and shook it back to life again.

It’s the week of Halloween, so everyone is putting up their best scary pun to try and capitalize on the horror season. That’s no different with the Humble In-Die Bundle 13, but thankfully the entire thing isn’t just a collection of horror games I can’t put myself through.

Instead, there’s a bunch of fantastic indie game that I actually haven’t got the chance to play yet. I’ve heard great things about OlliOlli, loved playing Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet and literally heard nothing about Tower of Guns. That’s what you’ll get for just paying below the average line.

Cough up a little more, and you’ll unlock Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs (with a massive side serving of nope from me), Jazzpunk and not one, not two, but four copies of Risk of Rain. In fact, those four copies literally make this entire Bundle immediately worth it for me, since Risk of Rain is best suffered with friends.

If you’re feeling extra generous, then you’ll unlock Shadowrun Returns for paying $12 and upwards. It’s not an incredible game, but I enjoyed it a bit when it first launched. If you’re a fan or feeling particularly nostalgic, then you’re going to love it.

As always, there’re more games on the way soon. Although quite honestly this is a particularly awesome bundle already. Risk of Rain, OlliOllie and Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet are highlights for me, making the average price of $6.56 more than worth it. Will you join me in adding to your backlog?

Last Updated: October 29, 2014

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