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Feetal’s Giz! This Lobo collectible is the real main man!

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Lobo (16)

Listen up ya bastiches! When it comes to hunting the galaxy for the dirtiest of bounties and getting your hands even dirtier, there’s only one Czarnian that’s man enough for the job. You’re looking for the ultimate bastich, the scourge of the cosmos and a friend to space-dolphins. And there ain’t nobody alive who can get the job done, the way that Lobo can.

Which is why it’s about fraggin’ time that the main man got some of the collectible spotlight. Big guns and an even bigger attitude are all part of this Sideshow Collectible package, as the last Czarnian alive (He killed his own species just because he could) is ready to frag your collection. Enough yappin’! Pics and product details, below ya dweebs!

  • Expected to Ship – Jun 2015 – Jul 2015
  • Product Size – 28.5″ H (723.9mm) x 16.5″ W (419.1mm) x 11″ L (279.4mm)
  • Product Weight – 20.00 lbs (9.07 kg)
  • Dimensional Weight – 43 lbs

That’s pretty fraggin’ massive, almost as big as the main man’s ego. If you’ve never heard of Lobo, then I pity you. Originally a one-off villain, the character made a helluva comeback years later as a badass space-biker who could throw down with Superman-level threats and still walk away at the end of the day. As a bounty hunter, Lobo was perfect in his new role, with his comics regularly glorifying the hyper-violence and excess that defined the 1990s. Also, he once killed Father Christmas.


He’s had another redesign since then, boasting a slimmer look with less facial hair and more class. Naturally, this bastich hasn’t been well-received.

Last Updated: May 28, 2015

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