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FFD: Anything from E3 knock your socks off?

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E3 is essentially over – but our coverage isn’t. We’ve still got interviews, previews, hands-ons and videos to share with you. On the very, very long plane ride home, the team will be tallying things up to decide their best of E3 winners and losers. They’ve had a great time at E3, and have seen things they can’t stop bloody well gushing about. What about you?

Have you seen anything from E3 that’s made you take notice? Anything that’s re-invigorated your love for video games or your enthusiasm for the industry? Have you seen a video or read some bit of hands-on coverage for game that you now just have to play?

Did anything genuinely surprise you?

Or is it all just the same as before? Videos and pictures and words about games that aren’t out for ages. Everything’s going to be delayed anyway, so why buy in to all this hype now?

Let us know what you’ve though of what you’ve seen from E3 this year.

Last Updated: June 13, 2014

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