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FFD: How would you “fix” the gaming industry?

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Gamers are a bunch of whiny, entitled asshats quick to vent their disappointment, frustration and anger at video games, the industry that surrounds them and the people who make them. Video games, they assert, are being ruined by people in suits, by money-grubbing corporate suck ups and bad decisions .

DLC is a scourge, games cost too much, and uPlay and Origin are abominations. Too many games featured tacked on multiplayer, too many games or too multiplayer centric. This game’s too long, that game’s too short – whatever the reasons, many people don’t want to buy games, and the AAA games industry is on the precipice of a crash. Just like the one that very nearly destroyed it in the early 80’s. Maybe.

There’s a perception, among those who’d call themselves core gamers, that the industry is broken. How then, realistically, would you fix it?

What do you think is wrong with video games, and how would you go about making it better?

Last Updated: May 27, 2016

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